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This is the page for the FREE DEMO for TRISTAM ISLAND, a text adventure made from the mold of Infocom and released on dozens of retro computers. This is for historical purposes, since as of November 20, 2023, the full game is now free and donationware!

The demo is made of the first act of the game; it represents roughly 1h-1h30 of gameplay.

After crashing your plane at sea, you end up drifting to a small island, with not much to survive. You explore, and find out the island was inhabited, years ago. But why did the people leave? And why is there a fence around the white house at the top of the hill?

You can get disk images for 36 different platforms:
- Commodore PET, VIC-20, Plus/4, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, and also a MEGA65 version;
- Atari 8-bit (400, 800, XL, XE), and the Atari ST;
- Amiga (all the way back to the 500);
- Spectrum +3;
- Amstrad CPC & PCW;
- MSX 1 & MSX 2;
- BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, and Acorn Electron;
- Apple II, Macintosh, and OS X;
- 16-bit MS-DOS, Windows (32 and 64 bit);
- Linux (32 and 64 bit);
- TI-99/4A, and also a port for the TI-84+CE calculator;
- Oric Atmos & Telestrat;
- TRS CoCo;
- Nintendo GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, and Nintendo DS;
- Dreamcast.
You also get the naked ".z3" file to run in your favourite interpreter, allowing you to play on any platform with a Z-Machine interpreter, including the Spectrum Next, the Raspberry Pi, the Palm Pilot, etc. Instructions are also available for CP/M machines (Osborne I, Kaypro II, DEC Rainbow, but also the PC-88), and for the TRS-80 Model III. You won't find many games that can be played on that many platforms!

I hope you'll enjoy this free demo. Do not hesitate to leave a comment telling me if you enjoyed it! And thank you so much for checking this project out!

(Cover art from News Oresund.)


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amiga.zip 621 kB
Version 9
dragon64.zip 109 kB
Version 2
psp.zip 166 kB
Version 2
sam-coupe.zip 93 kB
Version 4
amstrad-pcw.zip 53 kB
Version 6
amstrad-cpc.zip 63 kB
Version 9
appleii.zip 48 kB
Version 9
atari-8bit.zip 47 kB
Version 9
atari-st.zip 360 kB
Version 9
bbc-acorn.zip 85 kB
Version 3
commodore-pet-vic20.zip 54 kB
Version 9
commodore-plus4.zip 161 kB
Version 4
c64.zip 178 kB
Version 11
c128.zip 156 kB
Version 4
cpm.zip 3 kB
Version 4
dreamcast.zip 412 kB
Version 9
gba.zip 131 kB
Version 12
gb.zip 48 kB
Version 9
linux32.zip 73 MB
Version 9
linux64.zip 72 MB
Version 9
macintosh.zip 210 kB
Version 9
mega65.zip 82 kB
Version 9
ms-dos-16bit.zip 216 kB
Version 9
msx.zip 65 kB
Version 7
nds.zip 218 kB
Version 9
nds-dsfrotz.zip 117 kB
Version 9
oric-atmos-telestrat.zip 82 kB
Version 11
osx64.zip 71 MB
Version 9
spectrum-next.zip 42 kB
Version 6
spectrum-plus3.zip 105 kB
Version 10
ti84.zip 211 kB
Version 11
ti994a.zip 121 kB
Version 11
trs80.zip 2 kB
Version 4
trs-coco.zip 103 kB
Version 10
win32.zip 69 MB
Version 9
zmachine.zip 42 kB
Version 10
win64.zip 71 MB
Version 9

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My previous post was deleted from the main page of the game (don't know why though). Tried the z3 with Spatterlight on MacOS, but after 2-3 commands I get the following message:

"fatal error: abbreviation being used recursively (pc = 0x9c32)" and the game stops.

Any ideas?

(1 edit)

Did it disappear? I'm sorry! I dont know why that happened :/

As for the bug, you're talking about the full game right? I need to investigate, but I had the same issue on Gargoyle for Linux. I don't know what causes it. Sorry :/ I'm going to try to fix it but in the meantime you should try another interpreter... (Lectrote works on OS X). Will keep everyone posted! Sorry!

On the full game page, comments are disabled, maybe you need to enable them again?

Oh! Oops! Thanks :)

Digging deeper, and both Spatterlight and Gargoyle use the same engine, so that could be the problem. Could i get the version of Spatterlight you're using?  I'll try to see if it can be fixed.

(1 edit)

Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. Yes, I'm talking of course about the full game. The version of Spatterlight I'm using is the latest one (currently 0.5.5). Will try Lectrote in the meantime, together with the Amiga version of course.

Thanks! I have filed a bug report. It might not get fixed right away, but it's good for future players!

(1 edit)

Thanks. I tried Lectrote and indeed runs smoothly, although I prefer Spatterlight because it has more options regarding game appearance.

Amiga version runs perfect as well (I like the included interpreter, as it gives black background, which is my preference of play). Besides it's an added bonus to save your game in hard disk (where other new adventure games aren't capable of; thus you have to play from floppy disks all the time).

Glad you like it!!

Hello, I managed to fix the bug in the z3 file! Spatterlight should work now :)

....wow, man. awesome


Thanks :D

Just downloaded the Atari ST version. Thank you for this, I'm eager to playtest it asap. Looks great!! :)

Thank you!!

Just bought. Loving what I've played so far (albeit with little free time lately). This is a great game - thank you!! #AtariST

Thank you!

Looks good. Have started using the demo z3 with Frotz. Please email me when completed. Ken  kmphillips28@gmail.com 

Thanks! Will do :)

Hi. Have paid downloaded. Using z3 in Frotz. Bit stuck so entered help and message said hint file available if purchased but not with the purchase?

Should I have deleted the demo before installing bought version. Some activity from demo play still showing?


Hi! Good point, it's not obvious! You'll find the hint book in the "feelies.zip" archive, in the full game's downloads :)