New version of the hint sheet

A few players have reported that the PDF hint sheet wasn't working properly. I wrote black text on a black background, and the idea was that selecting the text would highlight it, or at least allow you to copy-paste it in a text editor. On some PDF viewers, this doesn't work, and I don't really know why. (One possibility would be that you would need the "Caterina" font, which is the one I used in the document, but I haven't tried.)

Therefore, I have uploaded a text version of this hint sheet, which should work for everyone. Accessing a particular question is just a matter of searching for its number, e.g. #12; after that, each clue is separated by close to 100 blank lines, so you can reveal them gradually with no risk of spoilers. This should hopefully work for everyone, and give everyone a backup option to access the hints!

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Version 5 Dec 02, 2020

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That's a good idea. I had to no problems with the PDF but I opened it in adobe reader on the PC, so standard. Shame no-one has made an invisiclue app for pc/mobile. ;)


Some people have reported problems even with Adobe Reader on Windows. (Which really surprised me!) It may be because of a font that's not installed on all computers, but I'm not sure. The text version should work for everyone :D