Ozmoo upgrade

Ozmoo, the wonderful interpreter for the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Commodore Plus/4, and Mega65, has recently been updated to version 5.3, with official stable support for C128 and Plus/4. The packages and images have been updated to reflect this; the game file, however, is still the same. (Your old saves *should* be compatible, but no guarantees...)

Thank you Fredrik and Johan, and congratulations on the new release!


commodore-plus4.zip 259 kB
Version 7 Jan 03, 2021
c64.zip 275 kB
Version 9 Jan 03, 2021
c128.zip 258 kB
Version 6 Jan 03, 2021
mega65.zip 128 kB
Version 6 Jan 03, 2021

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